Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bilingual OR Bis_ xual...!

Applying for a job has never been a stress inducing situation all the time..
Requirements are met in terms of the Job ad and yet there's a request for " BILINGUAL"!!
What does this mean??
I think all business should be refrained from going into China! That way no one has to be restricted of a career in terms of language barrier!

Well wat happens if the companies shift to India! Do we need all to know HINDI and the many other languages in INDIA if we want to see rice on the plate?
I think we should not buy products from the comapnies that are enforcing such restrictions of employment that are totally biased! Instead, we whould only purchase from companies with many different workforce.

Wats so big about knowing another language which the praticing ethnic group staunchly denies a learning opportunity for new hires! Are the customers solely only one group??? They, the hiring company should be based on the "Orient Empire" and not on our shores!
This way, they employement based on language barrier will not be praticed..
Some half baked bugger who can even pronounce the
Resonant & Lingo from mainland,comes to the drive bue in our neighbouring country for a LIVING!!(SURVIVAL). But wat about those companies already in the neighbourhood!! Are they also looking for Immigrants to be employed instead of the locales??!

What should we do to this kind of COMPANIES in M'sia??

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Time Travel

Watch the news on the election in Ijok.
Everything portrayed by the main news channel clearly describes the biased attitude. The voters are not blind.
Just looks like some politicians are due in for putting a young blur candidate as a replacement for the deceased leader. Well this action points to the current overall party leader that it's time that he vacated his spot too for Energetic, Young,Aggresive,Intelligent, People-Quotient, Smart leaders instead??
How long does 'one' wants to hog their position and keep replacing grass-roots leaders when these leaders should be replaced instead.?!! Power greed+fattened thru peoples money!!

Anyway, i would share one very important view: Choose your leaders wisely, for what they have done for you! Not for what they have become(richer??!..hmmm) themselves.

e.g.: If i were to apply for an education loan,what options are there for me?(Ask this your self. If all the answers are pointing to 'Banks' only.Then you have choosen a 'WRONG' leader.!
Any Tom Dick & Harry can apply for bank loan for studies! Wats the point having a politician to swindle your tax money(thru their allowance&pay laa...our 'kaasu' laa) and then tell you to apply for study loan through the banks on your own accord.!

Think abt it!

Paid to be Unpaid!

Been a while wince i logged into this vented these points...
Still Got my self looking high and low for some openings in the industry.
Now this is one part thats interesting:-
Company profile : Competitive & Equal Opportunity Employer.
Jobs Requirement: Bilingual
** So this means .... English & Malay or would i have to know Tamil & Mandarin? Which is which?!
Ur Guess is right!

sickening huh?!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Initiation!

`Looks like i got má self a Blog to begin wit!